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Photography by Mervyn Cohen

Artist Statement

Some photographers will use a photograph as a starting point to create an object of art by reprocessing the original image. I am the opposite. My only objective as a photographer is to recreate the beauty of nature as close to its original appearance as possible. Nature is magnificent. My ambition is to use my photographs to enable the beauty of nature to be shared with as many people as possible. My interest is very narrow and predominantly focused on taking photographs of single dominant flower.

Mervyn COhen.jpg

My photographs are all taken in a completely natural environment. I will never pick a flower to pose it and optimize the photograph. I do not reposition, cut, or shine artificial light on the flowers whose beauty I capture. I will move myself around an appealing flower trying to gain an optimal position and background. I will look for something remarkable whether created by light, raindrops, shadows, or the unique appearance of the flower.  I will always show my images as nature intended. I do not use any post-processing to remove blemishes or other defects that are present in the flowers.

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